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Morris Gun Dogs specialize in producing hunting companions with the foot hunter in mind.  We emphasize on the four most important traits in an exceptional hunting companion: control, nose, desire and disposition.  These traits are a must in all Morris Gun Dogs.

All Morris Gun Dogs are Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB) registered through American Field Publishing Company. home to some of the finest and hardest working hunting companions in Kansas.  Good dog work is 99% of a successful hunt.  Owner and trainer Jeff Morris has been developing his bloodline of English and Llewellin Setters for over 35 years, carefully pairing damn and sire to produce hunting companions that are a pleasure to hunt with as well as to be part of your Family.  Jeff has produced High Quality companions.  He has his 7th generation of Setters from his first dog in 1972.  Morris Gun Dog Kennel has select quality litters for sale each year.  Call for Training or to Reserve your next hunting companion today.  (785) 477-2521.  References available.  


A deposit will reserve a place in order of deposits received.  Pick up at 7 weeks or have shipped, you are responsible for freight.

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For any breed.  30 days, birds included.

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Available stud fee.