Deer Hunts (Bow, Muzzle, Rifle)
All deer hunts are 7 days.  Includes Buffalo Lodge, full kitchen, caping and boning of animal.

Rut Bow Hunt - Youth/Adult/Buddy Hunt                                 

  • (Late October through November)

Late Season Bow Hunt - Youth/Adult/Buddy Hunt

  • Add HARVEST FEE if Buck taken
  • Mid to late December

Muzzle Loader - Youth/Adult/Buddy Hunt

  • Early Season - September through early October
  • Late Season - Early through mid December

Rifle - Youth/Adult/Buddy Hunt

  • Early to mid December

Morris Gun Dogs


Guided Hunts

Wild Turkey Hunts  (April through May 31)

Include Buffalo Lodge, full kitchen, guiding, calling dressing of bird.

  • Two Day - Youth/Adult/Buddy Hunt
  • Three Day - Youth/Adult/Buddy Hunt

Wild Pheasant & Quail Hunts  (Early November through January 31)

Fully Furnished.  Priced per day.  Includes one night Buffalo Lodge, full kitchen, field transportation, lunch, professional guide, use of Morris Gun Dogs or yours (On site kennel).  Bird cleaning and packaging.

(Mixed Bird)

Quail & Pheasant - Youth/Adult/Buddy Hunt

Quail Only - Youth/Adult/Buddy Hunt

**All Kansas hunting regulations and laws will be observed and adhered to.  Proof of valid Kansas hunting license and appropriate tags is required prior to the commencement of hunt.  Firearms and ammunitions appropriate to hunt and season will be allowed - no illegal firearms or poaching.  Morris Gun Dogs & Guided Hunts and their agents or officers are not responsible for lost or stolen articles before, during or after your hunt or while you are housed at any location in Manhattan in connection with you guided hunt.  All costs associated with the guided hunt are the sole responsibility of the hunter/hunting party.  Guided hunt cost do not include round-trip transportation to/from Manhattan, Kansas for the purpose of your hunt meals (other than specified), or other essentials.  A release form exempting Morris Gun Dogs & Guided Hunts from responsibility of accident, injury or death related to your hunt must be completed and returned prior to your hunt.  Morris Gun Dogs & Guided Hunts reserves the right to cancel or refuse to provide services to anyone at anytime.

Off Season Lodge Rental - Daily rentals for up to two people.  Add for each person after two.

Dove & Predator Hunts

  • Dove - Youth/Adult/Buddy Hunt
    • September/October
    • Include Buffalo Lodge with full kitchen
  • Predator - Youth/Adult/Buddy Hunt
    • December/January/February/March
    • Include Buffalo Lodge with full kitchen

Hunting license and Deer Tag required.  Out of state tags can be obtained by draw through the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.  For information visit KDWP website:  If born after July 1957, click Hunter Education.